JU+JU – about McIntosh & G-Plan

elke 4 weken

Wij reizen iedere maand af naar Schotland en Noord-Engeland op zoek naar kwalitatief hoogwaardige vintage meubelen van merken zoals G-Plan, MacIntosh, Nathan, etc..
Onze meubels worden vervolgens grondig gerestaureerd en teruggebracht in de originele staat.
De meeste meubels zijn afkomstig uit de periode 1950 tot 1970 en onze voorraad wisselt om de 4 weken.


Vintage Mcintosh Sideboards are items of original furniture produced by the influential British manufacturer A H Mcintosh. A H Mcintosh was a producer of quality British furniture. The company was formed by Alexander Henry Mcintosh in Scotland in 1869.

Following the end of the government-controlled Utility scheme in 1952, people became interested in designs which were sleek and minimilist but without the stigma attached to “Utility”. A H Mcintosh were pioneers of reproducing modern Scandinavian furniture designs, using teak, which was then hardly known in Britain.

The sideboard, in low, simple designs creating a modern feel, became a central part of aspirational British homes. Mcintosh designs are now considered one of the most desirable makes of retro furniture.

Mcintosh furniture was well made, using quality materials, and pieces offered for sale have usually been valued and kept in continuous use. Provided they have not been stored poorly, they don’t generally require restoration, and fit well into contemporary decor.


G Plan has long been synonymous with great design and a quality product but this trusted brands history goes back longer than the creation of the G Plan brand in the 1950s. Ebeneezer Gomme started his furniture business in 1898, and it was from this humble beginning that one of the most successful furniture manufacturers throughout the UK was to be created.

Throughout the years, the styles may have changed, but their passion hasn’t. They still create stylish, quality sofas that are designed to deliver lasting comfort. Just some of the reasons why they are one of the UK’s largest upholstery manufacturers.

In 1996 the company was split into the Morris Group which gained the rights to market and make the G Plan Cabinet Furniture, while G Plan Upholstery Ltd continues to make quality sofas today.

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